Mission Statement


To create in our athletes a passion for volleyball, and, through exceptional coaching and promotion of a strong team dynamic, to develop the foundational and advanced skills, as well as the personal drive and discipline required to excel.


JCVC believes that through hard work and discipline, athletes learn lessons that will help them to excel both on and off the court, even into adulthood. It is our commitment to the sport, and to those who love and support it that fuels our efforts. We appreciate that there is certainly more to life than volleyball, but enjoy a shared passion for the sport with our athletes and their families.\r\n\r\nA team\'s success is measured by its willingness and ability to work together as a cohesive unit, ultimately exceeding the potential of its individual members to achieve a higher standard of play as a team. With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, our programs are dedicated to the growth and development of each player, encouraging personal achievement within the team dynamic.


Commitment to personal excellence

Integrity to do what is right·.


Good Sportsmanship

Discipline - both mental and physical